Alice Empires Rugrats - A Custom Adventure with Rugrats & Rolie Polie Olie is a The Adventures of Rugrats & Rolie Polie Olie home video for Season 6 released in September 8, 2005.


When Alice empires Rugrats and plans to destroy everyone in the Rugrats movie, the Rugrats, Olie, Thomas (Tommy's Custom friend) and their friends team up to stop Alice before he and the others troublemakers destroys the Rugrats team.


  • Tommy Pickles
  • Chuckie Finster
  • Kimi Finster
  • Ollie Pollie
  • Zowie Pollie
  • Billy Bevel
  • Wheelie
  • Pollie Pi
  • Little Bill
  • Fuchsia
  • Andrew
  • Kiku
  • Thomas (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Percy (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Formiga Flik
  • Princess Atta
  • Dot
  • The Queen
  • Dr. Flora
  • Mr. Soil
  • Thorny
  • Cornelius
  • Sportacus
  • Stephanie
  • Ziggy
  • Trixie
  • Pixel
  • Stingy
  • Mayor Milford Meanswell
  • Bessie Busybody
  • Ginger (Julia Sawalha)
  • Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen)
  • Flik (Dave Foley)
  • Cowboy Tyrone (Reginald Davis, Jr.)
  • Ozzie (William Shatner)
  • Heather (Avril Lavigne)
  • Ariel (Jodi Benson)
  • Hamm (John Ratzenberger)
  • Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan McGregor)
  • Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (R. Lee Ermey)
  • Scroop (mentioned)

Other castEdit

  • Alice
  • Pinocchio
  • Jon Arbuckle
  • Liz Arbuckle
  • Fat Albert
  • Wallace
  • Gromit


Rugrats Theme Song

Jingle Bells

The Alphabet Song


  • When Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, robot kids, peoples, puppeteers and characters are the Goods Engine for tugboat, Tommy's screaming is
  • During a scene which Alice runaway from the Screamin' Banshee roaring with creature.

Season 7-1 RugratsEdit

Rolie Polie OlieEdit



Quotes 1:Edit

  • Tommy: Hey, Ginger.
  • Ginger: Hi, Tommy. Edwina is now grown up and 21 years old.
  • Tommy: That is good! How about school now?
  • Ginger: She her Chicken Farm.
  • Tommy: When? When will everybody your chickens only?
  • Ginger: Oh, well.
  • Tommy: Good. Do your remember Scroop?
  • Ginger: He's death after 21 years old.
  • Tommy: I remember with the tiger grabbing him for truck is African. So, I liked NEVER seen like this.
  • Ginger: Yeah!
  • Sportacus: (jumping) Tommy, what is going... (gasps) A HEN! (gets a giant golf, then tries to punch Ginger) Go away from Tommy, you destroying chicken! STINK!
  • Tommy: Wait! Hang on's second!
  • Sportacus: Friendly loves you, huh?