Nickelodeon Logo From The Custom Rugrats Video Lucky Days!

Nickelodeon logo from the end of this custom video

Lucky Days is a custom Rugrats video that was released on September 8, 1998.



Tommy's First Birthday (Bonus Episode)


This is the first Custom Rugrats Video to contain a bonus episode.

On this tape, the Paramount logo (and the closing still closing Paramount Logo) is also taken from A Rugrats Vacation, Dr. Tommy Pickles and Make Room For Dil.

"Lucky Days" PreviewsEdit


1.The Rugrats Movie trailer

2.Paramount Means Family Entertainment promo

3.Rugrats Mommy Mania VHS Promo

4.Rugrats VHS Promo

5.Blue's Clues VHS Promo (Blue's Birthday version)

6.Paramount Feature Presentation logo

7.Copyright Warning

8.Paramount 1995 Logo

9.Nickelodeon Montage Bumper


1.Rugrats Credits

2.Klasky Csupo Graffiti Logo

3.Nickelodeon Jack Logo

4.Paramount 1995 Closing Logo