Make Way For More Stories! is a custom Rugrats video released on October 5, 1999 (the same day as Make Room For Dil).





The opening previews are the same as Make Room For Dil since it was released the same day as that video.

On this tape, the Paramount logo is from the Rugrats videos from 1996-2002 (and 2003), Except for A Rugrats Vacation, Dr. Tommy Pickles and Make Room For Dil on American Copies (Only On Some American Copies) and Canadian Copies Use The Paramount Logo From A Rugrats Vacation, Dr. Tommy Pickles and Make Room For Dil which Is Also Used On Some American Copies.

"Make Way For More Stories!" Previews


1.The Rugrats Movie VHS Preview

2.Rugrats Videos Promo

3.Blue's Clues Videos Promo

4.Little Bear VHS Promo

5.Ned's Newt VHS Promo

6.Donkey Kong Country Legend Of The Crystal Coconut VHS Trailer

7.Paramount Feature Presentation Logo

8.Copyright Warning

9.Paramount 1995 Logo

10.Nickelodeon Montage Bumper

11.Rugrats Intro


1.Rugrats Credits

2.Klasky Csupo Graffiti Logo

Nickelodeon logo from my custom US Release of Chuckie's Lucky Day

Nickelodeon logo from the end of this custom video

3.Nick Robot Logo

4.Paramount Closing logo